Organic and sustainable agriculture

We are convinced that a system of agriculture, able to respect the earth and all living things, is the right way to obtain the grapes and authentic wines.
Our aims are therefore to find a balance with the environment and respect for natural cycles.
Wine is the poetry of the earth

What distinguishes our wine

The idea that wine is embraced in three adjectives:

  • territorial: that is an expression of the territory and its culture
  • personal: thus able to reflect the personality of those who produce
  • hand produced: made with care and respect for tradition

Respect for the past and future research

Everything done in the respect and understanding of nature and its cycles, through the experimentation of winemaking that enhances the variety of the vine and the areas of Illasi and the Mezzane Valley.

The most important factor is not the cultivation technique, but the state of mind of those who cultivate

Masanobu Fukuoka

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